Happy 22 months!

Our little baby is growing up into a fine little girl. Cheeky, compassionate, playful, expressive, happy, active...... 

Reached the stage where everything is replied with a NO! Even though sometimes you meant  it as yes πŸ˜…. Night routine is getting tougher with all the NOs. From brushing teeth to wearing diaper to wearing clothes. 

You had survived a night without the mammy at 22m-5do. So... Mammy can now start to plan more GNOs? 😝

A book loving girl, getting us to read you the same stories over and over again in a day. Till we are simply sian...... lol

And you jus started to change calling the mammy from "mama" to "ahmee". Aww... 

Love you baby. All we hope for you is to eat more, sleep more, be safe and healthy. Let's learn new things together everyday! XOXO