Happy Birthday to ME

Happy Birthday to me! No need for secrets. It's my thirty first birthday. For these two years, I was not as stressed out as the previous years, when I was 28, 29 years young. Back then, I was like, "OMG, I'm gonna be 30 soon. OMG." But when I really hit 30, I'm like... "Ok. 30 years young, so... It's just another day, just another year. Fact: I'm getting younger each year."

For today, hubby was busy for work, hence I took baby to the Zoo and River Safari since we both enter free. Free entry for birthday person and children below 3 years old. My mom and dad went together with us.

Hello Zoo. Hello River Safari. 

Though baby doesn't know what is happening, what to see, where to look, I had fun. Posing with a pony. 

The main highlights of the Zoo, the Koalas, were all asleep when we were there. There were so many visitors, and chatters, they just continued to sleep on. Lol. 

We joined in the other visitors with a wefie with the koala. 

The main highlights of River Safari, the Pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia, were lazing around. I think it was Jia Jia, who POOP in front of us. Hahahaha.... We (including the other visitors) were moving along with her when she climbed up the slope. We thought she was gonna play or something, end up.... POOP. Hahaha...

Baby meets Panda. 

On top of entering free for the birthday person, I am entitled a 10% discount on designated F&B outlets and retail stores. There's also free ice cream at Ah Meng restaurant in the zoo and free ice cream at the Mama Panda Kitchen. Hee.. Happy me. I feel very VIP-ish with the discounts and freebies. Here's more information on Birthday priviledges on the Zoo and River Safari

Free ice cream at Ah Meng's. 

Free paddle pop icecream at Mama Panda Kitchen. 

We went back around 4pm. It took us about 6 hours to walk finish both parks.

Big thanks to my parents who accompanied me for the day and taking care of baby.

Dinner was with the hubby at Morganfield's at The Star Vista. We ordered too much. Gosh.. There's the Pop Corn Pork, full slab of Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs for the savoury and the Chocolate Lava Cake and Classic Apple Pie for the sweets. TOO MUCH. (I shall blog more about Morganfield's in another post.)

We were too full for desserts. What a waste. And the portion is not small. Lol. 

Attempted to backcarry baby at desserts but it only pacified her a little. 

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