At 30 weeks 2 days

Hubby and I went for our appointment at 30 weeks 2 days in KK Hospital. As usual, be it Clinic B or The Private Suite, the waiting time was pretty long. But TPS is a a little faster (it was our first time there after all this time as our available dates and timings always do not match with the clinic's).

Dr Khoo, our dedicated gynae, look pretty tired when we saw him. Guess it was very long day at work today. It was almost 8:30pm then. He did the scan and we saw our LO on screen. Doc showed us the head, which was downwards in the correct position. Hope our LO stay that way all the way till delivery date. Next was the heart's four chambers that looks great on screen. He also measured the body circumference to measure the LO's weight. 

First measurement scared all of us. The LO was about 1.7kg. Doc was saying, woah... too big... and had asked me to cut down on durians, burgers, kfc and icecream. Guiltily, I had McDonalds twice this week, but usually I don't eat it that often and I just had ice cream the night before. Oops. Doc attempted to measure again and this time the measurement was about 1.6kg. At this week, the LO should be around 1.5kg. So still a little on the bigger side.

So... I have to watch my diet. And I am a little devastated about the ice cream part T_T It's my comfort food now. 

Then the hubby got to use the Doppler to hear our LO's heartbeat. It was only after leaving the room that I remembered, we forgot to record the heartbeat sound, AGAIN. Oh man... Feeling down...

Gotten my supplements, paid my bills and we were out from TPS by 9pm. Our appointment was 7.45pm. Not too long a wait. Our next appointment is at 35 weeks, which I was a little surprised as I thought after hitting 30 weeks, we will be seeing our gynae more often instead? Not too sure... But I do miss seeing our LO.

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My dear LO, another 9 weeks 5 days to your estimated arrival. 

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