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Hubby and I decided to try out another confinement food. We ordered the trial dinner at $29 from RichFood Catering. Here's what we received. The food came about 5pm.

Black Beans & Red Dates Pork Ribs Soup 黑豆,红枣排骨汤
* Black beans promote blood circulation and has detoxification effect.
Pretty nice tasting soup. But the herbal taste is not very strong. I wonder will this be strong enough for my confinement.

Stir Fried Kai Lan w/ Mushroom 芥兰炒香菇
* Kai Lan is rich in iron, calcium, manganese & potassium.

Steam Fish w/ Sliced Ginger & Qi Zi 姜丝,杞子蒸鱼
Even though the fish slices look very little in the container, the quantity seems quite alot while eating. Enough to eat for two.

Red Date drink and a portion of rice is part of the meal.

For 2 meals a day for 28 days, the price is S$1 379.00. With Early Bird Discount of S$59.00, the amount would be S$1320.

Still alittle unsure of which to go for. Hmm...

RichFood Catering

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