Baby's First Month

I know it is still super duper early, but we had already started thinking what we could do for our baby's full month celebration. Initially we intended to just have a intimate, immediate family only occasion. But due to certain expectations, we have to do it in a bigger scale celebration to announce our LO's arrival.

And the hubby thinks I thinks too much... Haha... What to do? So many expectations to meet.

Image from a Taobao shop

  • Home
    • Pros
      • Everything I have is at home
      • Do not need to travel so far (for us and for most relatives and friends)
      • Latte can join us in the celebration
      • Decorations can be done earlier
    • Cons
      • Place too small to accommodate all guests
      • Clean up mess before and after - tiring
      • Some guests may not like Latte
    • Choices
      • Hold the celebration in 
        1. one session in one day
        2. a few sessions in one day
  • Neighborhood multi purpose hall 
    • Pros
      • Near home.
      • Do not need to travel so far (for us and for most relatives and friends)
      • Latte can join us in the celebration
      • Not very expensive for venue rental (S$50)
      • One session to accommodate all the guests
    • Cons
      • Looks a little dirty. Wall with stains, spidy webs
      • Worry about the hot weather. Sweating guest, baby and me.
      • Have to go up and down (to home) to settle LO
      • Need to spend more money on tables and chairs rental
      • Decoration time is short
      • How to not make Latte less excited and kpo in the open area
  • Chalet
    • Pros
      • Bigger space
      • Air conditioned
      • Comfortable
      • More time for decoration
    • Cons
      • Far. For us and most western/northern guests
      • Latte will not be able to join us due to the chalet's rules of no pets and have to send him to a pet boarding as no one is free to look after him. $$ again.
      • Venue rental is on the much higher end compared to the above two choices. Over S$400
      • Venue rental is based on balloting and 3 months before date of check-in. Not 100% confirmed that we can get our venue and whether if it is the right date.
      • Need to bring lots of baby stuff over from home

    Food Catering
    Have to see which food catering the hubby prefer. I think he got a preferred company.
    • eCreative
      10+1 dish, $11.66 per pax, min 30pax | stool $3.75 for 5 | $44.94 transportation | 4 hours
    • Stamford
      9 dish, $9.10 per pax, min 40pax | stool $0.75each, min 10 pcs | $40 transportation | 4 hours
    • Four Seasons
      10 dish, $12.74 per pax, min 30pax | stool $0.75each | $42.80 transportation | 3 hours
    • Thai Food Catering (Halal)
      7 dishes, $11.56 per pax, min 40pax | stool $0.75each | $45 transportation | 3 hours
    • Mei Hao 99
      10 dish, $11.66 per pax, min 30pax | stool $0.85each | $35 transportation | 4 hours

    Cake packages for relatives
    These choices are more within our budget. There are some very lovely companies out there that make very lovely gift packages, but $$$ =P

    Gift for guests
    Wondering if we should get this. I had already thought of what to get and... It's real cute. But same thought, tedious and not sure how many I should get.

    Ang Ku Kuehs
    We are going to pre order from the famous Ang Ku Kueh shop in Alexandra, Poh Cheu. Tested and proven that their ang ku kuehs are one of the best in Singapore. Delicious. We like.

    Red Eggs
    We should be making this ourselves. Mummy said so. Hopefully it will not be too much hard work. Though... It looks pretty tedious from the steps online. And... How many should red eggs we make? Haha..

    Balloons, banners - Bought most of the stuff from But problem is, should I get helium for the balloons or just have a makeshift floating look?

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    1. Celebrating baby full month at home seems to be the best option. The cons is to clean up the mess ourselves.