Ear piercing for Josie

14 months 10 days

Josie's papa just spent $168 for two ear holes, a set of 14k yellow gold ear studs and two bottles of ear care solution. And a 20 second cry from darling. So heartache. 

I had wanted to pierce her ears since she turned one year old, but didn't managed to. Then one day (4days ago), the hubby declared we should do it. However, Josie was very cranky that day, hence we postponed it till today. 

We did some research, and it seems that B*dazzled is highly recommended. So we just went ahead. Here are the outlets:

The staff introduced their services, free piercing with a minimum of $98 stufs purchased. And the one I chose was a pair of $148 (I think so, I was looking at the choices) yellow gold studs. 

Hubby was ok, so we went ahead. 

She was struggling when the staff cleaned her ears. Struggled some more when she marked the ears with a marker. Struggled even more when two of the staffs tried to positioned the earrings, one at each side. I had to pin her down. In a way. 

But luckily it was done in a flash. Josie cried a short loud cry. Louder and longer than injections. But was back to normal quite quickly. 

Congrats darling. Another mission accomplished.  

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