Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary

It's our 7th year wedding anniversary. The traditional wedding date. Like so confusing to have two dates. One ROM one traditional wedding. So it's like 7 years or 7.5 years? Nevertheless, it's still a day to celebrate. 

The hubbs booked us a buffet lunch at the hotel we held our wedding dinner. Some credit cards, like Maybank, offers 1 for 1 promotion. 

We reached about 12, and the carpark was pretty full. We had to go all the way up to level 6. Giddy me. That's another reason I should not learn driving. Lol. Anyway, the restaurant, Square @ Furama was pretty full too. Seems like the others are also there for the promotion. 

The spread, I find is so so. Not really a huge spread. And the crowded restaurant makes me feel alittle giddy. We were lucky we got a table at a corner. Our cosy corner. But the bad thing is that our plates clear slower. Food wise, pretty tasty. Maybe I was't feeling that well at the start, the nicest was the ice cream. Hahah! As by then, alot of the guests left and the cold ice cream cooled my head. 

We then went shopping at Vivocity. Baby missed her nap earlier, hence slept through the entire time until we got back to the car. Then we went to fetch Latte home from his grooming. 

Supper was a Nutella Chocolate Cake, made specially by the hubbs. Such a special gift. I like. Very delicious. Very touched :D 

Happy anniversary my dear.

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