Pear Pork Wedges

Tonight's dinner highlight is Pear Pork Wedges. Done using the airfryer. A very simple yet tasty dish. Recipe is from the Airfryer recipe book that the hubs bought for me.. us.. haha.. He cooks too... Way better than me.

The ingredients are simple too.
  • 1x Chinese Pear
  • 8x Pork Belly Slices
  • Some salt
  • Some pepper
  • Core and peel the pear. Cut into 8 pieces
  • Wrap the pork belly around each piece of pear. Hold with a toothpick.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper (I FORGOT to do this. OMG)
  • Airfry the pear pork wedges at 200 degree Celsius for about 8 minutes. Flip the wedges midway.

Very tasty dish. Even though the photo is not that tasty looking. I was messy and hence the photo looks messy too LOL. The hubs gave a thumbs up, even though I forgot about the salt and pepper. Sighs. Silly me.

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