Interaction with Latte

Latte, male Japanese Spitz, who is a year older (360 days to be exact) than Josie, is our dear family dog. Her older dogbro. 

Ever since she was born, we separated them, with no physical interaction except seeing each other from a distance until 6.5 months old. Which is recently... 

The reason for separating them is mainly because of his nails. Even though we do cut, his nails somehow are very sharp. Maybe because he's still young and easily excited. He always puts alot of pressure when he claws. My family member always get lines on the arms and legs. On serious occasions, the lines take days to heal. I did not dare to put my newborn to that test. 


I would carry Josie and sit near him.. She would touch him, he would come near and smell her. Her sudden actions scare him though, especially when she got excited and kick her feet or waves her hands around. 

Today, 2 days shy of 7 months old, I let them interaction. She touch him. He lay down to let her touch, nose her, lick her. I am touched by their actions. They look so loving, so sweet. All along they were very interested in each other. Today I know, they love each other. My heart melts. 

This photo is taken a few days later. 

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