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As we had planned for a "no confinement lady" confinement for the first month after giving birth, hubby and I had sourced around for home delivery confinement food companies. Based on some reviews, we planned on going for Natal Essentials, though they are a little on the pricier end. But we were more concerned on quality over price, hence we opted for the "safer" option.

We decided to try out the trial that they provided. Dinner came at around 5.10pm today (Their dinner delivery is between 4pm to 7pm). The trial costs $32.10 with GST. It was packed in a plastic bag, but the food was kept warm in the delivery guy's thermal bag. We only got around to eating dinner at 6plus, hence the food kind of went cold. Oops.

甜梅菜焖鸡腿 Braised Chicken w/ Preserved Veg
The chicken was cooked very thoroughly. The meat came off easily from the bones, hence it is very easy to eat. Tender and nice.

香姑肉碎豆仁蒸滑蛋  Steamed Egg w/ Shredded Mushroom & Minced Meat
To be honest, we both thought that this is a toufu dish with minced meat. I did not notice the shredded mushroom nor did we thought for any moment tat it is a steamed egg. But apart from that, the dish itself (be it egg or toufu) is quite nice. I ate most of this dish. I can finish the rice with just this dish.

红枣枸子生鱼汤 Nourishing Sheng Yu (“Sheng Yu”) Soup
(Benefits the spleen, stimulates urination, clears the Heat and expel Wind in the body)
The soup is full of herbs and tastes very strongly of herbs. Hence I only took a few mouthfuls, ate most of the fish slices and left the rest to the hubby. It is a rich tasty soup. It would taste nicer if drank warm (I know, I should warm up the food first... My fault.)

Meal includes 1packet of Rice & Red Dates Longan Tea (abt 400ml).

The dishes are enough for two. Hubby and I can share the dishes during the confinement period (Psst.. I think he will be bored of it after one week =P)

For trial, I find it pretty expensive ($32.10 with GST) to be given just these. Just have to think that the food is cooked in a way that is good for my future tired body. And with my intended package together with the early bird discount, each meal will cost about $28.06.

The price list of their food package (as of Aug 4 2014)

I wonder if I should order trial from another company to try? =P

So which confinement food company were you intending to go to? Do share with me.

Natal Essentials

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