Designer Diaper Bag - Ju.Ju.Be

A Ju.Ju.Be diaper bag was presented to me for my birthday last month, from 3 dear GFs. Thanks girls. Love the bag. It is very pretty and useful. Can't wait to use it. It was suggested that I use it as my hospital bag when I go into labour. A very good idea on starting my journey as a mummy with it.

Designer diaper bags for today’s parents.
Ju-Ju-Be bags are built to fit everything baby needs – while being stylish and fun. Featuring tokidoki, Original Ju-Ju-Be and Legacy prints. All Ju-Ju-Be bags are machine washable, anti- microbial and incredibly durable yet lightweight.

This pretty, stylish diaper bag weighs only 0.23kg. Being a typical kiasu Singaporean, I can put in loads of stuff without worrying about the initial weight of the bag, but only what I put in =P It's huge too, measuring at w46cm x h38cm x d14cm. And the strap is long, very easy to carry and retrieve things, especially when one of my hands/arms is occupied.

I had never thought of getting a diaper bag. I had intended to just use my large Longchamp Le Pliage bag as a diaper bag. It huge and considerably light too. This new diaper bag comes as a big and pleasant surprise. Love it alot. Here's a video on the bag's benefits.

If you are interested in getting a lightweight diaper bag, you can consider this too. There are several styles and designs by this brand. There are even bags for dads and backpacks too. I like the Legacy range more though. Happy shopping!


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