Young Living Essential Oil

YL essential oil seems like one of the must have things, other than a tula, among most of the mothers' chitchat nowadays. I had heard mothers raving about its "powers".

By chance, a mummy introduced me to this Facebook page, Young Living Wellness Enthusiasts ( It seemed like a new startup page. And there were holding giveaways. 

By luck, I won their first giveaways. Hohoho.. Lucky me.

The prize was a 5ml Lemon EO. Here are some of the benefits of using the Lemon essential oil listed on their page.
  • Stomach - For stomach disorder or diarrhea, *use 1 drop in water.
  • Memory - Diffuse or inhale while studying to retain information.
  • Driving - Diffuse or inhale when driving at night; promotes clarity of mind. 
  • Phlegm - *Gargle 1 drop in water, retain in mouth for 3 minutes and spit.
  • Heartburn - *Use 1 drop in water to relieve heartburn by neutralising the acid. 

More about the Lemon Essential Oil on the official SG website.

Good for the hubs. I shall use this when he studies for his exams, which is soon... Hope that it helps him remember more stuff.

Young Living Wellness Enthusiasts is still having giveaways. Do like their page to stand a chance to win!

See more Young Living Essential Oils here.

** This is not an advertisement. Just to share my win and to jot down some information as I learn more about EO. I'm learning everything and anything for my LO.

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