Baby led weaning - Carrot, Apple

Baby started eating solid food when she turned 6 months old. We chose to let her eat via baby led weaning. 

We only attempt once to twice a day. She still hasn't shown much interest in eating. Mostly gumming and sucking. So I wonder if we're doing it right. I hope so. 

Boiled carrots (10-13 April, 4days) - she was more interested in it, gumming more on the last day. 

Boiled apples (from 14 april for 4 days) - less interest as compared to carrots. I wonder why. Boiled apples actually taste really nice. Very sweet. 
// Update (17 Apr 2015) - we think she doesn't like boiled apples. Most of the apples end up on the floor than in her mouth :( Next up: Avocado. 

Here's what baby led weaning means in summary. 

And since she started on solids, it's time to introduce water. Drinking from a sippy cup. She can hold. She can put to her mouth. But unable to hold it high enough for the water to flow out. And she keep licking with her tongue. 

And babies below 6 months should not drink water. It's intoxicating for their small body. Even formula fed babies should not drink milk that is diluted, more water than the milk powder ratio. 

Back to LO's BLW. Hopefully she has more patience to eating and drinking by herself. I'm worried that I would give up soon. Peer pressure from family and friends T_T

"Why no feed her food?" 
"Why let her eat such hard food? Later choke how?" 
"She know how to eat meh?"
"Should start puree first"

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