Josie hates car vacumn

Earlier in the evening, I brought baby Josie down to the car. Placed her in the carseat while I tried the new car vacumn. 

Ok. The vacumn sucks. It doesn't suck up Latte's fur at all zzzz... That's my main purpose of getting the vacumn. Anyway review of it is not the purpose of this post. 

Darling baby was in the car seat behind the driver seat. I was at the driver seat plugging in the vacumn and testing out the vacumn. Baby cried. At first I thought was the noise. But when I off it, her crying didn't stop. So I went over to her. 

She saw me, she laughed. Alamak. Her eyes and eyebrows were red. I tried another two times, the same thing happened. I guess she was scared and I wasn't in her sight. 

Darling oh darling. I dunno whether to laugh or cry. Mammy loves you. Mammy only wanna vacumn the dirty car while Deardy comes over. Mammy didn't mean to scare you. Mammy am sorry. 

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