Hang Out Cafe

Hi everyone! It has been a while since there's any update. I have been busied by the LO. It's really a full time career. I can't seem to find time for anything else. She's a mummy's girl. Nevertheless, I still love her loads. Ok. I digressed. 

Yesterday was our 149 monthniversary. Nothing special, went to his relative's place to pray to the ancestors. While on our way home, I was telling the hubby that I wish get some cakes and coffee.   

So hubby got us to this cafe, Hang Out Cafe in Ang Mo Kio. Sadly there's no decaf coffee on the menu, hence I had a rootbeer while he had Macha Latte and 2 slices of cakes for sharing. A sea salt caramel cake and a caramel cheesecake.

Hang Out Cafe is a pretty small cafe in the outskirts of Ang Mo Kio. It caters to students too, as they have promotions for them and saw a group of youngsters chit chatting while enjoying their desserts. 

Good to try, but we'll move on to some other cafes next. Not my kind of place. Or food. 

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