Wrongly accused. Pissed off.

I was very pissed off this morning. I still am. Hais. And fustrated. 

This morning about 11, my lower level neighbour came up knocking hard on my door. This leds to Latte barking. And Josie waking up crying. 

Why knock? She was angry that "my clothes were dripping water". 

Why am I pissed? My clothes were spun dry by the washing machine and were already in the sun for two hours. So how can they drip water? The dripping water belong to the higher level neighbour. Even my clothes kenna. 

And because of this injustice, she caused my daughter to cry with her hard knocking. And I was wrongfully accused. The one thing I hate most is to be accused of something I never do. 

She went off giving the doubtful face that it wasn't me. She didn't apologise or anything. 

So does that mean that from now on, whenever the higher level neighbour clothes drip water, she will believe that my almost dry clothes are dripping water. Kaos. 

Pissed. Extremely pissed. 

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