Harsh critics everywhere

It's tough being a mother. 

I'm a stay at home mother, means 24/7 I'm with my baby. Everything and anything is done with my baby along. Not that I'm complaining. I love every minute with my baby, good and not so good moments. 

I was told by some (family and friends) that some methods I do are not so ideal. 

1. Breastfeeding
Beastfeeding my baby makes her clingey to me. 
Sorry. I only wants to give her the best. And if I can still provide her, why not. Doesn't matter if she's clingey anot. How many more years will I have her all to myself before she doesn't want mummy and wants to hang out with her friends. 

At 6 months, my breastmilk is diminishing and I should supplement with formula milk. 
Really? You made this comment when you didn't even ask me how much I feed her or you've seen her starving. I'm sure you can see how well she's growing then and now. She has always been on the 97 percentile in weight. And even though my breasts have always been small size from pre to post pregnancy, that doesn't mean that my supply is diminishing. Right?

Formula milk is better when baby is 6 months and older. 
No comments. I just want to breastfeed her till she weaned by herself. And it is free yet rich in all the antibodies and nutrients that formula milk marketed to provide. 

Give formula milk at night to make her feel fuller so that she sleeps through the nigh. 
Before every sleep, she does drink alot of breastmilk. So she is already full. Her stomach is only that big. And there are studies circulating on social media platforms showing the differences between babies and adults in terms of sleep. It's my bad that she latches to sleep and for comfort only because she needs comfort. Not because she is hungry. It's bad because I can't rest well. That's all. It's my responsibility to give her what she needs. No?

2. Babywearing
Babywearing makes baby clingey to me. Don't always wear her. 
Yet another comment about clingey. She is a baby. And she craves for comfort. And I want to give her that comfort. What's wrong with that?

Babywearing will make baby addicted to being carried. 
She's a baby. Who doesn't carry a baby? Which baby doesn't like to be carried? And she's not addicted. She knows that she feels safe in my carrier or wrap. She feels safe even when my hubs babywear her. 

Baby is so hot in there. 
Baby is not complaining. She should be ok. 

Don't babywear baby to sleep. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures. 'Nuff said. 

And to top it off. Babywearing is safer than hand carrying especially when baby starts to struggle. And it eases the tiredness on our arms. And it's handsfree. I can carry stuff or do things with my hands. And how long more can I carry her before she doesn't want me to carry her as she can walk and run. 

3. Crying
Don't let baby keep crying (3mins maybe?). Quickly carry her. 
But you said to not carry her so much else it will be a bad habit. 

Don't carry her immediately when she cry. It's ok to let her cry abit, else it will be a bad habit.
Erm. Yah. See above point. 

4. Baby led weaning (BLW)
Don't give her solid food. Give her purees/porridge. 
But it defeats the purpose of blw right?

What if she chokes?
You do mean gagging right? Doesn't babies learn how to swallow food with abit of gagging? This too happens with spoonfeeding right? 

Better give her soft food first. 
(Give up) Ok.. Will do. When I'm unsuccessful at BLW. 


It's a roti prata world out there. No matter what I say or do, there will still be comments from the opposite side. I am unable to satisfy everyone. I wish to learn and bring up my baby my own way. If I need help, I will ask. Try not to force your methods onto me. You and I are different. Your child(ren) and my baby are different. 

And don't judge me. That hurts me. It makes me feel that I fail as a mother. That I am unable to provide the love and care for my baby. You don't know how much I went through, how much I love my baby and how much I'm willing to go for her. So please... Don't judge. 

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