Chinese New Year Eve

How did the day went? 

Breakfast with the hubby and the in-laws at Marsiling hawker centre. Lots of the stalls were not open and alot of seats were available. Usually it's pretty difficult to find seats. And we decided to eat from the vegetarian stall that usually has a long queue and the queue maintain even today. 

A wrong choice... As it took us one hour to buy T.T and the mifen was pretty bland. 

After we got home, the hubby and I did one more round of vacuuming and mopping the floors. It's really dusting staying near MRT and LRT tracks. 

Then it's time for Latte's bath. He didn't run away as much as the other two times. Hopefully he enjoys bathing. 

Then we towelled dry him. And blow dry his fur. And combed his fur. It usually takes us 1 to 1.5 hours for the whole session including bathing. At least he looks like he enjoyed this home grooming session today. Today I combed out a bigger ball of fur compared to yesterday. He looks like some malnutrition unloved dog when he's shedding. Hopefully this phase passes by quickly. I prefer him looking like a big ball of fur. Haha

He looks cleaner and neater after the shower. 

And he's exhausted. 

We had our reunion dinner at my parents' place. It's a huge spread. We were all so full. Too much meat though. But the prawn was HUGE. And no eggs this year T.T

Even Latte also wants an angpow

Back home, prepared myself for tomorrow. Done my pastel coloured nails. Spent almost 2hours on it. Tsk. Slow..  

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