Countdown to New Year 2014

It's the New Year Eve. Some are not working today, some are given half day off, some are able to go off a few hours earlier, and for some, New Year eve is like any other day. They work till their official knock off time. I spent my time at home with the two boys.

The hubby managed to get a pair of tickets to Rain and the 9 muses concert at Marina Bay Sands for New Year Eve. All thanks to his friend. 

Before heading for the concert, we had dinner. A pretty unromantic dinner though. Haha.. I realise being a student has great benefits. His meal is $1.95 cheaper than mine, but with additional fries and a healthier drink.

We went on our virgin trip on the Downtown line. 

We were early and took a walk around Marina Bay Sands. Many people were there. Camped for the countdown and fireworks. And the ladies queue is horribly long. Scary. And this is not the full queue.

The ballroom was still pretty empty when we reached. Our tickets are for the Cat 2 seats. Not very near to the stage. $288 for this view. Hmmm. 

There are light stick, 2014 glasses, light stuff in the goodie bag provided. 

Did not wear the glasses as they were too uncomfortable. 

The concert kicked off with the 9 Muses performing. 

After 30 minutes of 9 Muses, Rain came on. Screams all over.

The crowd went wild in the middle when Rain decided to go from stage to floor. People all ran up to the stage area. Thus blocking everyone's view. After a while, I can't see him on stage except through the big screen. Initially we thought the concert will go past 12 midnight, but it ended around 11.30pm.

With some time before 12 midnight, we went, along with alot of the others from the concert, from the Expo ballroom to the shopping mall. And the place is packed. Can't really see the fireworks, so we left before the fireworks ended.

Hungry us went for supper at Chinatown. Our first meal in 2014.

Happy 2014. May this new year be a much better year for all of us.

** Psst.. It seems like I'm not alone in wishing for a way better year than 2013.

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