Latte's 2nd vaccination

Brought Latte to The Joyous Vet for his second vaccination. He was scared the moment we went in. Had to open the carrier from the top to get him to the weighing machine. He's 1.6kg already. 

Upon entering the consultation room, he also struggled a little to hide in the carrier. And putting him on the cold metal table, he started shivering. Poor boy. 

The vaccination went quite smoothly. He did not struggle during the injection. He cried a little though, after the injection was done. Haha delayed reaction. 

Besides his vaccination, the vet also prescribed a cleansing solution for his outer ear and the back of the neck, for a suspected case of bacteria infection. 

On top of that, three stringes of syrup medication for deworming. We have to do this every month until when he's older. 

Ahh.. All the things that has to be done on him. Revolution monthly, Frontline monthly, deworming monthly, one more vaccination and all the other unknowns. Having a dog as a pet is a physical, psychological, and financial commitment. XOXO Latte, our little fox. 

The Joyous Vet
475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3
#01-30A Sunshine Place
Singapore 680475

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