ONE Fighting Championship - Total Domination - Singapore

ONE Fighting Championship - Total Domination was held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7pm on Friday.

We were there late and the first match was already over and sad to say, the stadium was still quite empty. Though the place was filled up pretty soon after. Thanks to friend, LH, we were able to go for the event.

There were lots of fans for the ring girls. Whistles and cheers were loud. haha..

The highly anticipated match by the two MMA female fighters were good. They were both going for the offensive and were persistent for their win. And the winner of the match was our local Singaporean fighter, Sherilyn Lim.

Lots of fans for Eddie Ng (Hong Kong). Cheers and applause were loud. He's making an entrance, but I'm too far away...

And Eddie "The Magician" Ng won and is a contender for the ONE FC Lightweight World Championship title. He's amazingly fast and won via (Armbar) Submission in just 1min 46sec of Round 1. Applaud.

For the co-main event, Shinya Aoki defeated Cody Stevens by Judges unanimous decision. He was hindered in the first round when Cody Stevens strike his groin area. Shinya looks in pain, but it was kind of funny when the big screen replayed the scene, everyone's reaction was the same. And they replayed at least thrice. Luckily he still won.

The last match, the main event, was quite boring. I guess everyone's hoping for a fast win or straightforward win. This event has 5 rounds, and the winner, Bibiano Fernandes (Brazil) was declared by Judges unanimous decision.

Here are the first three matches of the night.

** Please pardon my bad photography

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