Meiji Warehouse Sale

First day of this weekend, we had no plans yet. Many events and places that we wished to go, but we were kinda worried about crowd, timing and weather. After much thinking, we decided to go for the Meiji Warehouse Sale, located on 36 Quality Road. 

Till 5pm today. 

The place was packed! My first time to Meiji's warehouse sale and I was alittle lost, though I got orientated fairly quickly. Aunty's sale + kiasu-ism power hahaha... 

Hubby waited for a parking lot while Josie and I headed in first. I just followed suit and grabbed a big box. And after filling up with maybe 4 boxes of Hello Panda goodies, my arms were tired, so I placed the box on the ground. Lol. A Meiji staff laughed at me. Carry baby still wanna carry big box. Haha oopss aunty-me. Most of the goodies had 20% discount or more (those I didn't really check out, like the collagen and beauty drinks).

The queue for payment was LONG. But it was fairly quick for this snaking queue. About 30 minutes till our turn. 

My Miss Cheekiness queuing with us. 

On top of snacks/biscuits, we also bought two 450ml of milk and 12 yoghurt for $12. Like cheap. Lol. The hubby doing all the carrying. Happy loot!

Back home, the kids inspect the loots. 

Then the parents had their Meiji-ful teabreak. Burps. Very full. 

Happy buys. Great start to our Saturday!

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