Two Meet and Greet sessions today

Today was a very busy, fun and tiring day. I had arranged to go for two Meet and Greet sessions for Josie to have fun. 

First was Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip live Christmas concert, held in The Centrepoint, Level 1. It was raining heavily at that time, so I was alittle surprised at the turnout. Quite a number of enthusiasts. 

We are issued a photo pass for photo taking at the end of the concert. 

30 minutes of singing and dancing. Happy Josie. Very enjoyable. But at some point, there's dance along. The older kids stood up to dance along, Josie got blocked. Haha..

Our photo with the Chipmunks. Happy Josie = Happy mammy. 

After the photo taking with Alvin and the Chipmunks, we headed to Marina Square. There's a meet and greet session with Pororo Park's characters. 

I joined the queue 30 minutes earlier. Kiasu I know. Same, we were issued a photo pass. 

Waiting patiently. 

And boy, was I disappointed. There's no sing and dance. It's a pure Meet and Greet photo session. There I was, thinking, more live performance for the no-TV Josie. 

But the plus point is, the photo pass has a number on it. And the photo queue is based on the number. Because.... When the characters arrived, the mummies just rushed and cut in front of me. Hey. It doesn't mean that there are only two of us, you can bully us with your village. Very angry. One of the queue cutters, she WOKE my napping Josie while in the queue. What ugly actions. Lol but the timid me, just kept quiet all the way. 

Anyway, my photo with Pororo Park characters. 45 minutes of waiting for 3 minutes on stage. Haha...

Unsatisfied with the programme, we went upstairs to take another photo of them. So far away lol

Overall, Josie is happy. Mammy will be happy. I will not let these ugly actions spoil my day. So thank you to the Pororo Park's photo taking queue number system. 

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