OMG 2014 Onederful Birthday Party - Design Collateral

When I was pregnant, I had joined the Facebook group for MTB whose EDDs are in October 2014. A place where mummies-to-be shared pregnancy woes, worries, then proceeded to sharing about our LOs as they grow. 

The group suggested on having a first birthday celebration together for our LOs. I find it very meaningful. All the cute one year old babies gathering together. 

I took up the design role in the committee for the "October Mummies Group (OMG) 2014 Onederful Birthday Party". 

First, the OMG logo. To create our identity. Heart for the O to signify our love to our LOs. 

Cake design. Lol I even designed the cake, and it's my first time. It looks so amateur but Swee Heng, our sponsor was able to replicate. 

Initially the committee suggested to print rompers or bibs, but the idea was scrapped in the end. 

A 2m x 0.8m banner for the event

Frame design for the photo booth that was hired. 

Cute little badges designed for the LOs

Quite a number of collaterals done. Happy to say, the event was a success. All thanks to the other mummies on the committee, our sponsors and of course all out LOs who enjoyed themselves on that day. 

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