Baby's itchy neck

It's 1 am in the morning. Raining heavily. I was awaken by the rain. Next, by Josie's neck scratching. Sigh. I don't why she keep scratching her neck. It only happens when we uses fan to sleep for the night. She is usually ok with aircon. Too hot? But I have two fans turned on and one near to her.

I gave her milk and she's a little better now. But I can't sleep. Gosh. I better sleep before she ask for milk in another 2 hours time. 

Yes. Josie, now 13 months old, still wakes for milk every 1 to 3 hourly at night... And through the day. And I had many raised eyebrows. Hey. When a baby gotta drink, a baby GOTTA drink.  Haha

Back to sleep... I'll try...

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