Maison Ikkoku

"A lifestyle boutique combining mid-high end international menswear retail, a café centered on quality coffee and the perfect semi-alfresco cocktail bar."

Lunch with my colleagues at the Cafe of Maison Ikkoku. My colleagues love the coffee and cakes here. They have an ongoing promotion
"1 Complimentary drink worth $5 or less from 1130am-230pm (bottled drinks add $0.50)"

SALAD NICOISE  - Mixed greens + tuna chunks + truss cherry tomatoes + black olives + baby potatoes + hard boiled egg + French beans + purple onions + anchovies + French vinaigrette

Salad Nicoise

Colleague's latte. Pretty drawing on the latte.

Caramel Latte

PARISIEN TUNA - Tuna mayonnaise + black olives + red radish + spanish onions + fresh tomatoes + baby spinach + boiled egg + red wine vinaigrette

Parisien Tuna

CAESAR SALAD - Romaine lettuce + ciabatta croutons + hard boiled egg + caesar dressing + shredded parmesan. This is my order. Very cheesy, very fresh. Love this. Love the crispy ciabatta croutons. I was not able to finish it, as it was very filling for me.

Caesar Salad

Desserts time. There was another Yam cake too. This chocolate cake, the waiter had it heated up, so imagine the chocolate that has been melted. It tastes so yummy~

Chocolate Cake

Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street Singapore 198885

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