MDF January 2013

I submitted my SMS ever since the start of announcing this month's Must Drink Friday. Actually it was until the day before, to try my luck again by sending out another, then did I realise, my first sms was not sent out at all. Up till Friday morning itself, only then did I receive the sms invitation to the event. And I was not dressed to the theme, Bikinis and Boardshorts. To be honest, I was not even dressed for beach.

January's Must Drink Friday is held in the newly opened Mambo Beach Club. It is located in Sentosa, along Siloso Beach, previously Cafe De Mar. I managed to scout for 3 other friends to go with me (I have the invitation to bring 3 friends), and we all were in office attire.

Hot FM 91.3 Must Drink Friday
Mambo Beach Club's wrist tags

Must Drink Friday's never changing custom, is the free flow of drinks. At Mambo Beach Club, we were given a choice of Vodka, Tequila and Carlsberg beer.

Free flow of these
Free flow self service

At around 9pm, the HOT FM DJs started playing games with the invitees. They made use of the club's foam pool (and smell is kinda strong) and played their first water game. We also celebrated JJ's birthday, singing out loud a birthday song.

The foam pool
The club's DJ at work

And then... it really was MUST DRINK FRIDAY. The service crew poured liqour directly from the bottles into party-goers mouth. It's a crazy bunch.

Who want's vodka and tequila shots?

Round two of freeflow. The service crew popped champagne. Oh my... We were there trying to get our cups filled when they decided to pop the champagne. Hence, we were kinda drenched in champagne. Haha..

Champagne sprinklers

The event supposedly ends at 10pm, but the club opened up an additional 15minutes of freeflow. But only available at the bar outside. The floor of the bar outside is soaked in foam water from the pool.

Outdoors bar

Mambo Beach Club

HOT FM 91.3

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