Manhattan Fish Market

Almost every dining place in Plaza Singapura has a queue on a Thursday evening. We went to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner as it has a shorter queue and the big board outside the restaurant printed the latest promotion is very big and quite appealing (although we only saw it after we joined the queue as the board was blocked by the queue).

And yep, we ordered the promotion meal. It's quite a deal. Each meal costs only $14.95++, it comes with a main course, soup of the day and a cup of iced tea. There are three types of main course to choose from: Small Grill, Scallops Mussels Skewers (SMS) or Scallops Fish Chicken.

Each of main course consists three mains(depends on your choice of main course), Garlic Herb rice, fries and broccoli.

Soup of the day.
The bowl has a very interesting design printed. So.. How do you feel today?
Small Grill (O.P $19.90)
There's grilled dory fillet, grilled calamari and grilled tiger prawns
Scallops Fish Chicken (O.P. $17.90)
As the name says, the three mains are the fried scallops, fried fish and grilled chicken.

We were both feeling very full mid way into the meal. I truly think it's possible to share one set if two ladies were to decide to eat this Triple Treats meal. Oh... MFM is really a market. Everyone in the restaurant seems to be shouting? My ears hurt throughout the meal.

The promotion is valid from 2 January to 28 February 2013
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Manhattan Fish Market

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