I had been considering getting a ringsling for my LO for a while now. I'm thinking that it will be much cooler (for both LO and myself) and easier (to dine outside) with a ringsling. Girlfriend had loaned me hers, but I have not had succeeded in wearing my baby. I'm not sure whether it's because LO doesn't like it or I'm too ganjiong and she can feel it or the material is too slippery or because whenever I try it, she suddenly decided she wants to snack.

Then, recently there's this video circulating on Facebook. It shows a mummy using a stretchy wrap to wear her baby. And it got me thinking whether I should get that instead. I was looking at a Boba Wrap.

Boba Wrap from

THEN... I joined the Babywearing Singapore group to learn more. Advised the "seniors", a woven wrap is better than a stretchy wrap in terms of longer lifespan. Babies grow, so being stretchy will lead to baby slipping downwards and have to keep readjusting. So, stretchy wrap, out.

Now I'm considering between a woven ring sling or a woven wrap. And there are sooo many choices. There are many very pretty designs and so are the prices. And also, another thing to consider is the learning curve. Sling seems difficult as I have difficulty with my girlfriend's loan. Wrap seems to have a steeper learning curve but has more versatility. My head is getting bigger and bigger by the day.

And MGG had me thinking... Really thinking... Should I get a MGG mei tai instead?

Here are some finds that I LOVE or deciding...

Madame Googoo (MGG for short) - I love the fabric designs!! LOVE! Her Mei Tais are very unique and pretty!

MADAME GOOGOO ® is a Polish brand designing safe carriers and slings for carrying children. They are made from excellent quality fabrics, rich in designs and bright colors.

Lenny Lamb - A more affordable brand with a Singapore distributor,, but for those I like, Fluffmail either don't carry or it is out of stock.

LennyLamb Company is a family business and initiative of people that are fascinated by the phenomenon of babywearing.

Little Frog - A more affordable brand that has really nice fabric color. But I have not yet figure out how to buy from here.

Little Frog is a 100% Polish brand of high quality baby wraps, designed and created by Marzena and Patryk - the proud parents of two daughters, Nela and Pola.

** Update 19 December 2014. 
I have decided. My next buy will be a Mei Tai. Time to save up. 

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