Christmas Eve

The hub is on off for the day and out little family went to collect his new IC and passport at ICA. Intended to go Bugis for lunch, but we backtracked back into the train when we saw the almost full train station. 

We ended up in Kallang Wave. I haven't been there before and neither has little Josie. First thing we went to do was to feed little Josie. BUT there wasn't any nursing room in this new (consider new as it's not even like more than 6 months) mall. Omg. We stood in the nappy room to feed. Ouch my back. 

Next was to feed the parents. We went to the Manhattan Fish Market located at level 1. The restaurant's entrance is outside the mall. There wasn't much people dining at that time since it was already 2 plus. We had the set lunches. 

Soup of the day was the Light Beetroot Soup. We had seen homecooks in Masterchef Australia using beetroot but we have never tasted it before. It's quite nice. Sweet and tasty. 

The hub's Scallop Americana. Spicy. Nay for me. Hub didn't really enjoy his meal as little Josie was fussing so he had to entertain our little boss. 

My Costa Baked Seafood with rice. There's fish, sotong and scallop (i think). Quite worth for the mix of seafood and it's filling.

Dessert that came with one of the topup. The Super Fruit Crumble. I love it. It's a double scoop vanilla icecream with cranberry bits on top, apple sauce by the sides and lots of crispy crumble on top, middle and bottom. I really love this dessert. And it's only $4.90 ala carte or extra $2 for the topup set lunch. Worth. 

This is the set lunch promotion the mfm is offering. We had one with drink and soup and another with drink, soup and dessert. The dessert is totally worth it. Haha..

After touring a little in the mall, we went to ubi to buy one roast duck home for dinner. Our annual roast duck feast for Christmas Eve. Just for the two of us. 

And not to forget, a year ago today, we bought and brought Latte home. He was so tiny and cute then. Now he's so mischievous. 

Before we went to bed, the hubby gave me a pink jacket Pooh for Christmas. Thank you *muacks*

Good night and Merry Christmas!

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