6 weeks

Yesterday we brought little Josie for her jaundice check, one month checkup (1 week late due to some miscommunications) and Hep B2 vaccination. 

For jaundice, the level is coming down, but still not low enough. Sigh. I foresee another month of blood test and followup. Quite sick of going to the polyclinic weekly and having my little girl suffer the drawing blood process and hearing the same result "going down but very slowly". 

For the one month check, I think she's growing well. Height is acceptable, but weight, the nurse is unable to accept the first measurement and we went to weigh again. I guess the milk that she drinks is too nutritious. But not that we can do anything about it. Maybe I have to be careful of what I eat >.<

When we were going through the one month check, she started telling us that she was hungry. And by the time the needle went in for the vaccination, we could not differentiate whether she was crying from hunger (by the way it was not meal time yet, but needed a snack) or from the injection. The hubby and I thinks it was from wanting milk. Haha. 

She's 6 weeks old now. 

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