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End of my 28 days confinement

Finally ended my 28 days of confinement with no confinement lady, just 13 days of day time help from my lovely mummy. And throughout the whole confinement, I did not strictly do or not do what I am supposed to.

Staying home and rest
New mummies are tired and weak from the labour and loss of blood (scarily ALOT), hence they have to confine at home to rest. However, I do not have such benefit. Baby has jaundice and I had been going out so very often since day 4. To the polyclinic and to the hospital. She's still has jaundice even till now. Going back for another blood test this coming Monday. 

No showering/washing hair
Showering and washing of hair is said to cause wind in the body. I showered and washed my hair everyday since day 2. I was too weak and giddy on day 1, if not, I would have showered. I was so hot, sticky and stinky especially after all the heaty confinement meals. And I only started showering with the herbs (大风艾) from week 2. Oops. 

No drinking of water
Water causes water retention from pregnancy to remain in the boody. But I had medication and supplements to eat. So I had to swallow with water. Just that. I only drink herbal soups, red date drinks, milo and holick for fluid intake. 

No direct blowing from fans
Another reason for causing wind in the body, For the whole month, the aircon was on (Ouch..the bill is going to be very scary). And sometimes it wasn't cool enough. Hence the fan. Oops. And the living room is without aircon, so when I have my heaty confinement meals, the fan is sometimes turned on. Even so, I would still sweat like nobody's business. 

No touching of water
Everytime after I change my girl's diaper, after meals, after using the toilet, after touching Latte (our Japanese Spitz), I have to wash my hands. I have to touch water to bathe my girl too. Oh and washing the pump and sterilizing needs water. Some mentioned to try to use hot water for washing of hands, but our tap does not have hot water outlet for washing hands. 

Everything Ginger
To the Chinese, ginger is good for expelling wind in the body. Almost every dish in the confinement meals has ginger in it. But after knowing LO has jaundice, I picked out the ginger slices in the dishes. I doubt there is much help by doing that since all the dishes has been ginger-fied. 

My last confinement meal from Rich Food Confinement

I hope that even though I skipped alot of these Chinese old wives tales, my body will somehow not be weak as nagged by the elders. Good luck to me.


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