Josie's first official class

It's the start of a new year. My facebook had been flooded with parents being excited and worried for their children's first day of school, be it N1, K1, P1, S1. Hahaha.. Amazing range huh. My turn soon. Next year maybe, and it will be N1 for her. Till then, it's play for now.

During Josie's 2nd trial of 3 classes, I signed up her for a 10 class weekly session. It's $550 for 10 classes and $60 registration fee. And they rebated my $88 for the trial. That's so awesome. I love savings. If I signed up for two terms, the savings for the classes is even more. But that's over a thousand dollars. An amount too big for this SAHM.

Exploring the gym

I'm not sure if it's because she's in a good mood, or simply because she's more used to going to class and having fun, Josie looked forward to today's class. She kept trying to peer into the gym and wanting to go in. But the gym is not opened till class time.

Trying to reach for the latch to open the door to go in

She had fun today. Busy Hi-5 ing teachers and classmates.

My happy baby

I'm really happy she had fun and learning things, at the expense of her Daddy's wallet =P

I was asking her where's Latte korkor. Haha.. She pointed downwards and said "Dog"

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