This afternoon, we went to the hubby's company's event. There were food (I didn't eat much in case they realise why the hubby's wife is so HUNGRY), games for the kids, movie screening, portrait drawing and tattoo airspraying. Mostly kids stuff. 

The portrait drawing done for Josie. So cute. Made me regret not taking a video of her drawing. 

I had my arm inked too. Intially we chose this design for Josie. A unicorn, less scary for her. But it's too big on her. So... I had it done on me. Just me bein selfish and bossy. Cos I want to hear her point to my arm and say "美美" (pretty). Heh. 

I didn't manage to take much photos cos of the certain rule. But I wonder if it's still valid during events with kids especially. Haha. All the mamas just wanna take photos of their kids. Lol. 

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