Bao bao and hugs

Word of the day. Bao bao. 

She knows how to say "bao bao", which means carry 抱抱 in mandarin yesterday, but "perfected" it today. Lol. Sounded more obvious. 

The second event made me so touched and emotional. 

I was trying to make her sleep for the night. But she got whiney. So, I copied her and made crying sound while I rubbed my eyes. She got fascinated and stopped whining. Pried my hands away and looked at me with her big, round eyes. I continued to make crying sound, then.... She hugged me. 

Awwwwww.... So sweet. She hugged then looked at me, repeating thrice before I stopped "crying". Lol. 

Gosh. My little baby. She's so sweet.

Anyway, it's so difficult to take wefie with her nowadays. Keep moving and don't want to take with me. Lol. Maybe she don't like to be photobombed by me haha

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