Kindermusic trial

Signed up for a 20 minutes Kindermusic trial with some of Josie's horsie friends. It's located in the Balestier vicinity. To be honest. I'm pretty stunned at myself. 20 minutes at such a far place. The traveling time there is much longer. Haha. 

Anyway, Josie did enjoyed herself. Mostly anyway. She still hates stuff toys. The stuffed puppet just puts her off, while she was pretty gamed for the others. Slower in reaction, but still managed it in the end. Her daddy was proud of her, seeing her interact with the teacher and reacting to some instructions. Great job Josie. 

The promotion for this open house trial is VERY attractive. If only the location is much more accessible, or let me be greedier, nearer. I didn't sign up for the classes due to the accessibility. It's a shame. Really. 

Sigh... Time to look for some other program to sign her up. And oh ya. Playgroup. I have to start doing homework. Lazy bum. 

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