Luncheon meat chips

I airfried some luncheon meat chips today. The recipe had been saved for a few days but I only got down to do it today. Really yummy and crispy. I hope they will last ans stay crispy. 

The recipe is posted by a member of the facebook group, Fun cooking with Philips airfryer

A night before making the snack, remove the luncheon meat from the can and freeze it overnight. 

1. Preheat the airfryer at 180 degrees for 5 mins 
2. Use a vegetable/fruit peeler and shave the luncheon meat into paper thin slices
3. Layer the shaved luncheon meat into the basket (do not overlay or overcrowd the basket)
4. Air fry for 5 mins at 160 degrees for 3 times. 
5. After every 5 mins try to breakup the sticking luncheon meat. 
6. Divide the luncheon meat into several batches.
7. When done, cool and store into airtight container. 

** Frozen luncheon meat is to ensure that the shavings be thin. 

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