Hill Top Restaurant

My dad said that my brother misses me a lot and wants to have a family dinner together since everyone is available. I'm sure that my dad is joking on the first part. haha... My sister suggested going to this Hill Top Restaurant near Jurong Birdpark for Curry Fish Head. The drive uphill in the evening is accompanied by my beloved family and a beautiful sunset.

By the way, it's free parking after 5pm on Sundays. Free Parking Rocksss. haha..

We did not make any reservations and I was worried that we may need to wait. Luckily there were tables available. Not full, but the crowd is there. Quite surprising as the location is quite far off. The waitress is very hardworking in refilling our cups with iced water. We need not ask even once for a refill. Cool! And the food came pretty fast.

Ikan Kepala Masak Merah (Fish Head with Chilli Gravy) - Medium [$33.00] - Yummy Yummy. Spicy, but shiok. Sipping the gravy like it was soup. Sour, spicy and a little sweet. Nice. Quite alot of meat too. Our comments were there were little bones and easy to eat. It's only near the end of the meal we know where all the bones went. Haha.. My dad's plate was covered with bones.

Telor Dadar Bahan Laut (Fried Egg with Seafood) - Small [$16.00] - Very expensive egg. We didn't really want to order this, but the other two version of egg was with chilli. Nothing fantastic.

Fried Kang Kong with Sambal - Small [$9.00] - Crunchy and spicy with the sambal. Mum's comment was that the kang kong was too thick (粗). I asked if it was a good thing or bad. haha... Both Mum and Dad said that if the Kang Kong was thinner, it would be nicer.

Kai Lan - Small [$9.00] - Pretty normal tasting. Not much comments on this.

Tauhu Telor (Fried Beancurd with Egg & Shrimp Paste) - Small [$9.00] - I like this. Love how the grounded peanut and the beancurd and cripsy veggie taste together. Also maybe because the sauce is a little sweet.

Jurong Hill Top Restaurant. Hmm.. The wet tissue (and I suppose refillable cold water) costs $0.70 per person

There's Teppan Yaki, Japanese food and Indonesian food in the restaurant. Ours was under the Indonesian menu.

The sun was setting when we parked the car. Excellent sunset scene. Just that it's covered by trees, and I can't seem to go nearer to the sunset without being blocked by even more trees 

Excellent view from the top of the building which you have to climb up. Forgot to capture a photo of the exterior, the building or however the place is to be described (not sure what to call that).

Total bill for 6 person amounts to $100.90. Not very expensive, neither is it cheap. Recommended for the Fish Head with Chilli Gravy. Delicious.

Definitely will visit again for the fish head, if we are nearby. haha...

Hill Top Restaurant 
Jurong Bird Park, Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925

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