Baby has a date! A playdate with fellow october babies. There are Chloe jiejie (30sep), Elisa meimei (11oct) and AK didi(16oct). We went to Elisa's place. All the babies already able to stand up with support, crawl and sit up by themselves, except Josie. Baby is the biggest in size and the darkest. Haha.

^ Josie, AK, Elisa, Chloe

Baby seemed to have fun. So nice to see her interact, although she's alittle chor lor. Not that she's intentional. Just nice kicking in excitement, doing her leg lifts, while the other babies are nearby. Hair pulling too. Oops. 

At least she got to play with babies her age. Mammy always bring her to meet others, but all older than her by a few years. Nobody wanna play with her. Haha...

Looking forward to more playdates. 

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