Lucky mummy

I am very lucky to have such supportive family members.

Yesterday we celebrated my brother's birthday. I offered my carrier to them, asking if anyone wants to babywear the LO. My dad volunteered asap. I think my brother wanted too. Happy that they are into babywearing too. Next time I will introduce wrapping to them. One step at a time. 

And while having our desserts, LO got hungry. I nip her on the spot with the Ergobaby carrier. Nobody said anything and we carried on with desserts. My mom even helped cover me with LO's blankie (which wasn't really necessary). 

I had read about mummies facing negative remarks and thoughts from their family members on the online support group. I'm really glad and happy my family is very open to these. 

Of course my hubby is one very important person too. He babywears LO. Shares my pain when I had cracked and sore nipples initially. Offers to bottle feed ebm to LO (for the 'once a day to get LO used to bottle' stage). And he even lets me buy our Autumn when we already have an Ergo. 

I love them. I'm one lucky mummy. 

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