3 Months 18 Days

Baby is 3 months 18 day old today. Her weight gain is slowly down. Still gaining, but not as turbo speed as the past three months. She is eating well and I am glad to be recovered from the infection though my supply is not as much as before I got sick.

Reading though my mail and find it true from this read (http://www.babycenter.com/6_your-3-month-old-week-3_1495329.bc). I'm sorry to my friends, especially when I feel I need to be there by your side when incidents happen. I no longer am able to meet up as adhoc as I was previously. And I have to be home when it's her bedtime. Her nap times are important too, else she will be one cranky baby for the rest of the day.
Your life: Changing friendships 
Having a new baby brings changes in your relationships with everyone — including your friends. Sometimes old friends who have no children are as delighted by your baby as you are, and aside from a few accommodations to your schedule, things continue as they once did. But others may not be as excited about your new phase of life. Some may be envious, others bored, and still others may simply have no interest in children. You can't blame your friends entirely. You're changing, too. Interests you once shared with certain people — skydiving, nightclubbing, shopping for shoes till you dropped — may no longer mesh with your lifestyle. 
Although you can't expect everything to stay exactly the same, it helps to strive for a balance between your old way of being together and your new situation. Your friend can't expect you to abandon all thoughts of your baby, and you can't expect her to want to talk only about motherhood. Look for common ground in your activities and time together. It's great if you can sometimes go out to lunch, just the two of you, and other times have her come to your house to visit with the baby, for example. 
You may drift apart from some pals, but at the same time, your baby will bring you into the orbit of new friends. Through playgroups, mom support networks, and chance encounters, you and your partner will meet other new parents with whom you have a lot in common.

Recently some of my friends babies contracted HFMD. It is a truly scary virus. Babies suffer so much from the pain it brought. Parents suffer when they see how much pain their babies are going through yet they cannot do much to help their babies. I feel their (babies and parents) pain when their situations were shared. For me, I am willing to be the one going through the pain and not my baby.

Dear baby, please be safe, strong and healthy. Mummy loves you.

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