Nemesis: The Bottle

Today is another heart breaking day. She was crying real hard just now. Yep. We bullied her. Bottle is really her nemesis.

Last month we managed to coax her to drinking from the bottle. Of course it was heartbreaking to see and hear her cry so badly. But we managed it after a while of changing the bottle from avent to nuk latex teat. 
Then I had to come down with matitis. My supply dropped to the pits. And to increase my supply, direct latching is a must. 

And hence... Today's heartbreaking episode. Sobs. 

Sorry darling. It's mummy's fault. Sorry that you had to cry so hard and long, till your eyes and eyebrows were so red. Mummy feels so heartbroken to see you in that state. But we have no choice. You have to get used to bottle feeding for emergencies. It's just once a day. Jiayou darling. Mummy loves you lots. 

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