Breastfeeding : Blocked ducts

I have been breastfeeding my LO since day 1. The only times I did not give her BM was when she was in the hospital for 48hrs of phototherapy as Hubby wanted me to rest and not go to and fro the hospital. And that two incidents when the polyclinic PD asked me to give her FM two days before appointment, since her jaundice level did not go down as fast due to BM jaundice. But I stopped a day on the second incident after the results did not improve as much as expected in the first.

Breastfeeding has been quite smooth after we have gotten past the cracked nipples, soreness and shooting pain at the initial few weeks. Engorgement happened during the first week and it was very painful. With paid help from a LC at KKH, it was better and for the next 2 months plus, everything was quite smooth. Latching and pumping well. Supply was enough for LO too.

Today I woke up with blocked ducts. PAINFUL. And the more I massaged it away, the more sore it got. End up, the entire side was sore and aching. It felt bruised. It felt tortured. I know that with continued nursing, the ducts will clear, but it did not help that LO has a smaller appetite now. So I can only pump and massage. But continuous pumping means increasing supply. I shall try harder.

Ouch. x___X

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