Fruit Paradise

It's my second fruit cake/tart session at Fruit Paradise. They have pretty cakes on sale. And they taste yummy too! Not too sweet and the fruits taste very fresh!

Mixed Fruits Cake $7.80
There's strawberry, apple, orange, mango, banana, jackfruit on it.
The cake itself is very soft and the crust is crispy. Very nice. Almost like an ice cream cake
Mango Cake $6.80
Very fresh. Very mango-ish. The mango slices/cubes eaten together with the cake, heavenly~
Crust and cake is the same as the Mixed Fruits.
Lychee Tea $6.90 (Promotion)
My choice, if I am ordering cakes, normal non flavoured tea would bring out
the taste of the cakes even better. Flavoured tea clashes with the cakes.
Fruit Paradise

The thing about this place is (of course this happens in some other places too), I am charged a ten percent service charge and yet I have to walk over to the counter to make the payment. My definition of service charge is, I am paying for the service from the moment I sit down all the way till I leave the place. I am not grumbling about walking over, I am grumbling about paying that full ten percent for that half service.

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Fruit Paradise

Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-44F, North Bridge Road
VivoCity #01-59, 1 Harbourfront Walk

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