Hungry Chimps

After skimming through the list of places we would like to go, we ended up in the Hungry Chimps Cafe. It was a Friday night, and most of our choices, we deemed that they would be crowded.

The Hungry Chimps Cafe is located above Play Nation. Climbing up the brightly lit set of stairs, we were welcomed with a view of empty tables. First thought was, were they open? Most of their customers came during the later part of the night, though it was already about 8pm when we reach.

We were sitting near the entrance, so we heard it throughout the night. First they ask if the guests made any reservations, if no, they would say that it's free seating, so the guests are able to choose where ever they want to sit. And another thing is that their counter is very far from the entrance and the tables, so it took them quite sometime to notice our entrance, or our waving hands.

The entrance. The cafe is located on the 2nd storey.
The door has their mascot chimp on the door. Cute.
The cover of their menu. The logo is embossed into the cover.
The walls has alot of their chimp pictures. 
Chimps Specialy Calamari Rings (Recommended) $13.00
Prepared with Fresh Squid, Deep Fried in Unique Hungry Chimps Recipe

The calamari rings came first. We ordered only the recommended dishes, marked with the chimp's head next to the dishes name. First impression, "Why the calamari rings so pale?". It is not the normal golden brown colour. Taste okay, but does not taste nice after it cooled. Better to eat them hot.

The Orient (Recommended) $14.00
Grilled Chicken Chop marinated in Oriental Spices, Brown Sauce.
Choice of Coleslaw or Garden Greens
Choice of Thick Cut Fries or Butter Rice

The chicken chop tastes quite nice. Quite like the sauce for the chicken chop. The sauce taste very familiar, just that we could not figure out what it was. Really very oriental, chinese cooking taste.

The Ocean Catch (Recommended) $14.00
White Dory Fish Fillet in Garlic Mustard Batter, Tartar Sauce
Choice of Coleslaw or Garden Greens
Choice of Thick Cut Fries or Butter Rice

The flour covering the fish, had a very bad taste to it. It's like they had used oil that had been used for too many times to fried the dory fish. What we usually say in chinese "臭油味". Disappointed.

Menu chalkboard wall in front of the cashier.
If we didn't walk over to pay via nets, we would not have seen this.

We were very full at the end of the meal. Pretty disappointed meal too. But it is a good place for big groups to hang around and chit chat, not very crowded, comfortable sofa seats, free WiFi to use.

Payment only available in cash or nets. No credit card payment available.

Hungry Chimps
64A Prinsep Street #02-01, Singapore, Singapore 188667

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