Crab Party

Crab Party is situated at the edge of a row of shophouses on Yio Chu Kang Road. They have tables indoor and outdoors. It's best to reserve a table before going down if you preferred to sit indoors or going in a big group as most of the tables had reservation tags.

We went at 7pm and the place was still quite empty. The hot tea selection, they only have two choices. Quite sad.

They serve Acha and Nuts ($1.00 for each plate) as our snacks while they prepare our meal.

The food came quite quickly. Overall, the meal was quite nice, service still not bad. Most of the service crew are FTs, all smiles and friendly. There's a guy who kept walking around tables, chatting, I assume he's the boss. Friendly atmosphere. Nice place to come back again.

There was some hiccups in using the toilet. The door lock can prevent the next user from coming in, and locking it the wrong way can lock yourself in.

Heavenly Crab~ The cover of the menu
They had hand painted crab shells hanging in the shops. 
The walls were filled with hand painted crabs' shells and big delicious looking photos of their seafood
Prawn Omelette (S) $10.00
<3 Omelette. The prawns are big and fresh.
Salted Egg Chicken $12.00
Very tasty. But eaten alone is very salty, as the name says, it's covered with a thick layer of salted egg
Baby Kai Lan (M) $12.00
We choose to fry the baby kai lan with garlic. And it was fried with ALOT of garlic.
And this veggie dish, think they put too much salt. Very salty. 
Favourite Chilli Crab $48.00  |  Fried Buns $1.00 each
The main dish of the meal. Chilli crab. Very fresh and big. The chilli is spicy too.
But the buns are quite disappointing. It's the bigger version of the usual mini fried buns.
They are not as crispy and are quite oily and hard. Even more so when they were left cold.
The GONG of the chilli crab. Bouncy meat. Yum!

Crab Party
100 Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 545576

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