MDF April 2013

Lucky me received invites from HOT FM 91.3 for me and three friends for this month's Must Drink Friday. Happy! I like winning invites =P Got TS and CF to go with me. This month's MDF was quite a rush as it starts from 7pm and ends at 9pm. Especially more rushed for us who worked till 6.30pm.

This month MDF is held at Wave House Sentosa, with an Australian theme: to go dressed in hats and slippers. It was a night of free flow of vodka from Pinnacle Vodka, soft drinks and also limited bottles of Jim Beam served throughout the evening, while stocks last.

Free flow of food too. Haha.. There was a buffet spread of appetisers (pastas and salads), fried rice, chicken (i love the chicken), fried fish, vegetable mix and beef stew. At another table, there's desserts (cake, lemongrass aloe vera ice) and fruits. Oh man. I love the Lemongrass Aloe Vera Ice. Very refreshing on such a warm evening..

There's a Kangaroo mascot walking around. Fits the Australian theme. So cute.. there's a baby kangeroo in the pouch too.

But the kangie has his eyes up on his head. He looks.... funny... Not sure whether to say that he looks arrogant or blur. lol...

Earlier in the evening, the DJs offered a quiz (which I didn't catch the question as I was busy filling up my plate oppsie) and the first few (I also didn't catch how many) who answered correctly will be given a chance to go up the flowrider for free. Wave House Sentosa also offered a 50% discount for the others interested parties who didn't get a chance at the quiz.

There were games going on throughout the evening. First was a guys' game, to finish a cup of drink with Tim Tam chocolates (bitten on both ends).

Next was for the ladies and the challenge was to move the Oreo cookie from their forehead into their mouths. A display of whose facial muscles has better control. The winner walks home with SK-II products.

Our tags. Whose fist is the biggest? Whose arm is the thinnest? Whose arm is the hairiest (hahaha)?

First 50 to reach are rewarded with a copy of Justice Crew's CD! I got my hands on one. Yay~

At the end of the party, we realised, we didn't take photo of ourselves. Haha.. The "corner" that we settled ourselves in was too dark for any decent photographs (See my Jim Beam bottles photo's quality...).

Thank you HOT FM 91.3 for inviting us and for always organising such great events every month. Thanks Wave House Sentosa for having us and for the food and drinks.

HOT FM 91.3

Wave House Sentosa
36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099007
Wave Desk Hotline: +65 6238 1196

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