Rich and Good Cake Shop

I am SO SAD! I intended to buy durian swiss rolls home for my mum and mil. I went at 2.45pm and all the cakes were sold out. The aunty say one hour later. I went back one hour later, all the durian sold out. I'm so sad........ The aunty gave too much buffer time.

On my second trip, only a few flavours were left. I bought one Chocolate and one Mango flavour.

Brought them back to my family. Intended to get durian for my mum and brother and chocolate for my sister and dad. Hopefully mango suits their taste too. I will go earlier to get the durian flavour the next time.

They have tear out namecards on their box. Idea.

Two long swiss rolls. Which would you like to try first?
Mango $7.50  |  Chocolate $6.50

I like the chocolate more. The taste is very rich, very chocolaty. Can easily ask for seconds.
For the mango swiss roll, I personally feel that the mango flavour can be stronger.

On my first trip, I saw two ladies with bags full of cakes. It felt like, it seems to be a good day for swiss rolls. On my second trip, I saw a guy with a big bag full of cakes, and I felt the anxiety that the cakes would be sold out on me for a second time. These are all signs........

By the way, the auntie is the same as always, the stinky face. Haha.. But today mine stinkier. Ok la.. More of sad and sian. Sold out on me twice.. SOBs...

** Photos taken with iPhone5.

Rich and Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street Singapore 198887

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  1. LOL. nice? next time buy da bao for me to try yah :P