It's a holiday! Labour (free) Day

Labour Day, May 1st, is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. A non-working day, a public holiday. It is also a celebratory day for my parents. This year marks the 31st wedding anniversary for them. I love you, my dearest daddy and mummy.

My holiday was pretty eventful.

Started the day with a delicious bowl of lor mee for breakfast in S11 near Yew Tee MRT. Pretty long queue, about 20 minutes queuing time.

Initially I was worried that lor mee would be too filling for me, but the noodles is actually quite little. $2.50 for a normal size lor mee and $3.50 for lor mee with fried fish. There are quite a number of ingredients in it: fried pork (I love this, very crispy), pork and fish cake. Not stingy in the quantity for the ingredients too.

(Photo of the store taken by the hubby)

Next, I have a date with my girlfriends. A KLunch session at Cineleisure KBox. Our lunch was settled there too. For $16.50 nett per pax, we have a drink, one lunch (choose from 3 choices), and 3 hours of singing time.

These are the lunch and drinks choices. We would recommend Lunch B, the Thai Chicken Chop Rice. Lunch A, nobody tried, Lunch C, my girlfriends find the spaghetti sauce does not taste nice.

It's a May Day, how can we not sing 五月天 by Taiwanese girl group, S.H.E. ^^

Besides spending our 3 hours eating, chatting and singing, we also managed to do our nails. Haha.. Aren't we efficient?

After the singing session, the ladies went shopping while I went to find the hubby. I decided to finally try out Best Fries Forever. I think I had said to try it ever since it was opened but did not find a chance. Usually when we remember about this place, we had already had a filled up tummy to cater anymore space for fries.

They have sauces dip cups to try out the sauces.
To be honest, the area looks pretty messy and I wouldn't dare try =P

We ordered a Macho Cheese. Cheesy dip for the potato cut fries. I love the fries. They are thick straight cut and it still retains the taste of the potato. It's like eating fried potato. Okay.. What am I trying to say?

And then, it was back home for homecooked dinner by the FIL and watched funny oldie movies like 僵尸道长 on Starhub. Last 3 days till the all-open subscription goes back to showing only what we subscribed.

** Photos taken with iPhone5.

Feng Zhen Lor Mee
S11 Coffee Shop
787B Choa Chu Kang Drive #01-241, Singapore 681787


Best Fries Forever


  1. Shiok! After collect my sponsor from airport in the morning I just collapsed the whole day @ home. LOL

    1. Sponsor? Ooooohhh? You going sponsored trip?