Final Goodbye - Huang Wen Yong

Today is the funeral of Singapore television actor, our first male actor, Huang Wen Yong, who left us on Saturday at the age of 60 years old. Read from the news, he had been battling with lymphoma. In his last appearance on air late last year, his physique had slim down tremendously, in comparison to early last year.

It's real sad to learn about the departure of an admirable actor who is a friend and a teacher to alot of local celebrities and media personnel.

Reading the non-stop streaming news online, seeing the photos of his wake, his funeral, his heartbroken friends and comrades and thoughts posted by everyone online, I couldn't help but feel the sadness overwhelming me. Even though I didn't attend his funeral, by just sitting in front of my screen, the waves of sadness reached me. The tears streamed down automatically. I really like him even though I don't know him personally. He portrayed the character of his roles really well. He's like a fatherly figure on screen. His charisma is just like my father...

You will be missed T^T 一路走好

Pulled some reads online about the veteran actor, who is loved and respected by so many.

- Channel NewsAsia -
The first time I met late veteran actor Huang Wenyong was at a hotel ballroom in 2010, for a media event weeks before the Star Awards.

It was one of my first assignments as a writer for’s entertainment section, and my task for the day was to find out what celebrities had to say of their chances at an award, along with any interesting news or gossip that might turn up.

The sight of so many celebrities in one place was overwhelming, and it must have shown on my face.

“I haven’t seen you around before. Are you new?” Huang said to me, after making his way across the room.

I nodded and told him I’ve just started writing for the website.

“A writer... So why aren’t you out talking to people?” he asked, gesturing to the sea of celebrities in the ballroom.

“I… er … They all look very busy,” I managed.

While many of them were busy answering questions from reporters and getting their photos taken, some were not.

Huang looked back at me again.

“Don’t be shy! Who do you want to talk to?” he said. “Let me introduce them to you.”

 - From Today Online -
The hearse is scheduled to pass by Caldecott Broadcast Centre (CBC) for his colleagues from MediaCorp to pay their last respects, and is expected to pass CBC between 215pm and 230pm. Staff present have been encouraged to applaud Huang Wen Yong has he makes his final tour of CBC.

The veteran actor will also be honoured with a Honorary TV Award for his contributions to Singapore’s television industry during the Star Awards 2013 Show 2 this Sunday, and a one-hour television special will also be produced to mark his death. It is tentatively titled Remembering Huang Wenyong and will air on April 29, 8pm on MediaCorp Channel 8.

There will also be re-runs of his past works on both Channel 8 and MediaCorp’s online portal Toggle.

Huang began his television career in 1981 with the drama, Fantastic Idea, and is still known for his iconic roles in The Awakening (1984) and Samsui Women (1986). He was last seen in It’s A Wonderful Life, which aired in January this year. He won numerous awards including the Special Achievement Award at the Star Awards in 1997 and most recently, the Top 10 Favourite Male Artist Award in 2011. AGENCIES

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